Vita Mixer or Vitamix?

Vita MixerWhile many people refer to them as “Vita Mixer” blenders, these wonderful appliances are actually called Vitamix. Made right here in the USA by an 85 year old company, these professional grade blenders are backed by the ironclad Vitamix 7 year warranty and are considered by those who are “in the know” as the best blender money can buy.

While it’s true that you find blenders with a cheaper price tag, the Vita-Mix 5200 is built to outlast and outperform everything else on the market. The Vitamix brand has developed a well-deserved reputation over the years for making quality products that are as reliable as they are durable.

Equally as impressive is the fact that these machines can do so many things extremely well. Be sure to read our article that reveals the top 52 reasons to buy a Vita-Mix 5200 blender.

Still on the fence? Here are two more great reasons why you should buy a Vitamix 5200 blender:

  1. You can try it out in your own kitchen for 30 days — risk free. If you’re not absolutely blown away, simply return it for a full refund.
  2. Use this special Vitamix 5200 coupon for free shipping: 06-006207
  3. Simply visit the official Vitamix online store, add the blender you would like to order to your shopping cart, and then enter the code above in the area marked “Enter Savings or Coupon Code”.

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