At BlenderReviewer.com, we take blending seriously.

This website was launched as a way for us to share what we’ve learned over the years about blenders. On these pages, you will find the machines we love and recommend to others — day in, and day out.

How Do We Review?

Some of the blenders on our site have been personally tested and reviewed by us. For others, we studied product materials published by the manufacturers, read forums and user reviews on popular sites like Amazon, and studied the best articles and write-ups we can find for each particular blender.

Why Don’t We Test Each Blender?

It isn’t because we’re cheap or too lazy to test every blender — we just don’t feel that this is the best way to do reviews. Our desire is to bring you all of the best info so that you can make a smart and informed decision.

Instead, our reviews are done in a more scientific manner where we take a broad measure of user-experiences and tests into account. We feel that this reviewing method helps to provide a much more accurate gauge of how well a blender really performs.

The benefit of reviewing blenders in this manner is that our readers get a consolidated, easy to digest overview of each blender’s strengths and weaknesses which goes beyond the personal opinion of a single individual. In short, a higher volume of data results in a more accurate review. The biased personal opinion of a writer is ultimately reduced with our method of reviewing and the info our readers are left to work with is more fact-based than opinion-based.

So make yourself at home. Take your time and look around at our many blender reviews, and don’t forget to bookmark us and come back.