Blendtec Designer 675 Review

Blendtec Designer 675 Blender

The Blendtec Designer 675 is one of the sleekest blenders you’ll find on the market today. But not just its striking good looks that make this a noteworthy machine.

There are many great features that put the Designer 675 in the top class of blenders. This is a blender that brings together functionality, aesthetic appeal, ease of operation, and maintenance. Naturally, the 675 is a top pick when it comes to Blendtec’s popular line of high-end machines.

You’ll find touchscreen controls in this model that are smart and easy to operate. The illuminated controls make it easy to read, even in the dark. The 3 horsepower 1,560-watt motor gives you all the power you need to blend smoothies, hot soups, ice creams, frozen desserts, baby food, salsas, dips, and more. Its patented, cold forged blade is perfect for chopping, mincing, grinding, pureeing, and dough making.

Blendtec 675
The Designer 675’s five preset programs and eight-speed slider make blending even easier. It offers walk-away convenience and takes all of the guesswork out of blending. There’s also a smart “+10” feature that lets you add 10 seconds to any preset function, just in case your recipe is not done yet. If you think you could live with fewer presets and blending speeds, check out the Blendtec Designer 625 which will save you a few dollars. If you find that the 675 doesn’t offer enough, we’d recommend the top-of-the-line Designer 725 model.

The 675’s WildSide+ jar is made of BPA-free Triton Polyester and ensures hygiene and safety. The lid fits securely with a nice snap. It is splatter-free, and you can add ingredients through the vents even while blending. The Designer 675 blender has a wide and stable base, but it’s still 2-3 inches shorter than many other models. The 675 easily fits under kitchen cabinets without having to separate the container and the base.

The Blendtec recipe book that you will get with the purchase is a nice addition too. It includes 230 recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare them. The Blendtec Designer 675 is a perfect blender for the home kitchen and one of the best blenders you’ll find in this price range.

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Designer 675 Features

  • Very powerful 3 peak horsepower 1,560-watt motor.
  • Copper-wrapped motor.
  • Laser cut stainless steel blades.
  • Five preset programs for smoothies, whole juice, ice creams, dips & spreads, and salsas.
  • Pulse features.
  • Eight-speed slider to choose from.
  • Unique +10 feature to add ten seconds to any blend cycle.
  • Illuminated touch interface shows blend cycle count and remaining time.
  • Can be used to make smoothies, juices, ice cream, dips & spreads, nut butter, salsas, and more.
  • Plastic base.
  • Four-sided BPA-free container with vented Gripper lid.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Available in three colors – Dark Roast, Champagne, and Charcoal.
  • 8-year warranty.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Recipe book with 230 recipes.


Designer 675 Jar

The Blendtec Designer 675 blender is extremely easy to use and clean. While the impressive WildSide+ jar is quite large, you’ll have no trouble holding it securely thanks to the handle’s design and grip. There are clear markings on the surface for measurements, and the four-sided design gives it a unique appearance. There is no spout on the lid, but that’s not an issue with the 675 as there are corners that make pouring super simple. The large opening in the middle vents heat well to avoid pressure buildup. Securing the container to the base is easy, unlike the blenders with a twist base and lid.

The five preset icons are easy to understand even though they’re not labeled. The touch screen illuminates them. Pulse mode returns to the home screen if you are not pulsing in perfect time so you’ll know that something is wrong. But it’s the +10 feature that makes the 675 an outstanding blender — just look through the jar or take off the lid to check, and press the icon for an additional 10 seconds if you need it.


Motor3.0 peak horsepower
Electrical Ratings15 amps, 120 volts
Program Settings5
Other Features8-speed slider, pulse, "Add 10"
ControlsIlluminated touch interface
Dimensions7" x 15.5" x 9.25"
Weight9.8 lbs
Capacity90 oz
ColorsCharcoal, champagne, dark roast


Smoothies – The 675 blends very good green smoothies. The preset function will keep the ingredients moving inside the container. The output is consistently smooth and perfectly blended, although we’ve noticed that it is typically pulpier and thicker than what you get from a Vitamix blender. You don’t ever have to worry about the Designer 675 blender overprocessing your ingredients. It also makes very good smoothies, blending the ingredients quickly and efficiently.

Frozen drinks – The 675 does a great job of blending ice for margaritas and pina coladas. The motor is powerful enough to give you smooth, well-blended ice textures quickly. Just use the slider at high speed. It’s also fun to prepare frozen yogurt, ice cream, snow cones, and fruit sorbet.

Puree – You can prepare a very good pureed carrot soup with your Designer 675. This blender will make your soup smooth without any pulp left over — soups have a nice creamy texture to them. Once again, however, the output tends to be a bit thicker than ingredients blended in a Vitamix.


Blendtec 675 Blender

Working at 3 peak horsepower, you’d expect the 1,560-watt motor to emit quite a bit of sound. But that’s not the case with the 675 — the motor never gets too loud. On average, you can expect around 104.8 decibels and a peak of 106 decibels, which is manageable. There are blenders that work at 123 decibels, so the 675 is noticeably quieter.


Blendtec backs the Designer 675 with a full 8-year warranty. As with all other Blendtec blenders, the 675 also comes with the company’s 30-day money back guarantee which protects you in the event it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Where to Buy the Blendtec Designer 675


You can buy the Blendtec Designer 675 blender directly from Blendtec through their official online store. If you purchase the Designer 675 through that link, you will get a special promo credit for free shipping when you checkout. You can also use that link to get free shipping on jars and other Blendtec accessories.

Pros and Cons

What We Like:
  • Powerful motor and blades.
  • Pulse feature.
  • Five preset programs for smoothies, whole juice, ice creams, dips & spreads, and salsas.
  • Can be used for pureeing, mixing, dough making, and blending.
  • Eight-speed slider.
  • +10 feature to add ten seconds to any blend cycle.
  • Touchscreen controls.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Low profile container goes under the kitchen cabinet.
  • Works quietly.
  • 8-year warranty.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Book with 230 recipes.
Things We Don’t Like:
  • Bottom of the container can get hot.
  • Liquefies ice quickly so there isn’t enough slush in frozen margaritas.
  • Grinding could have been better.
  • No tamper.

Final Thoughts

The Blendtec Designer 675 is a very good choice for the home chef who wants a high-end blender for serious food prep. This is a multipurpose machine that you can use for blending, chopping, pureeing, dough making, and even grinding. Its good looks, smart features, functionality, durability, and long warranty won’t disappoint.

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