Blendtec Professional 750 Review

The Blendtec Professional 750 is a high-end model that frequently appears on best blender lists. This is a really nice machine that is raved about by thousands of buyers from around the world. Many customers have rated this blender highly, complementing its high-speed motor, smart features, simple control panel, touchscreen functionality, easy operations, durability, and long warranty.

The current Blendtec lineup consists of 7 blenders organized into three lines: the Blendtec Designer, Professional, and Classic Series blenders. The Blendtec 750 is a model from their Professional Series — it combines the best strength, professional blending, and an elegant design that looks beautiful on kitchen counters. If you are shopping around for a blender to prepare daily smoothies, frozen delights, juices, ice cream, and more, the 750 is worthy of serious consideration.

Blendtec Professional 750

This blender has a powerful 3 peak horsepower motor and advanced stainless steel blades that will cut through virtually anything. It crushes and chops even the toughest ingredients such as nuts and seeds. Like the Blendtec Pro 800, this model has six preprogrammed cycles for mixed drinks, batters, frozen treats, smoothies, hot soups, and whole juice. There are ten speeds to choose from, as well as the Pulse function that gives you additional blending power. If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, we’d recommend checking out the Blendtec Professional 800 which adds impressive noise dampening capabilities — it’s the quietest blender in the world.

At 17 inches tall and 5.75 inches wide, this blender sits nicely on your countertop. Once you’re done blending, you can push it easily under the kitchen cabinet. There is no need to remove the lid from the motor base. Many blenders have jars that are 20 inches tall which can make it difficult to fit them under the cabinet. The jar in your Professional 750 is lower-profile, but it still holds a ton of ingredients and can blend for the entire family.

The Professional 750 has been thoroughly tested since Blendtec first introduced the model. This is primarily a home blender, but it is so powerful and efficient that even commercial shops are using it.

Blendtec Professional 750 Rating
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Blendtec Professional 750 Features

  • Powerful 3 peak horsepower motor.
  • Two-pronged laser-cut stainless steel blades.
  • LCD display panel.
  • Touchscreen functions.
  • 17-inch tall BPA-free and NSF certified WildSide+ jar.
  • WildSide jar has an innovative fifth side for efficient blending.
  • Jar measures cups, quarts, ounces, and milliliters.
  • Vented Gripper lid.
  • 6 preprogrammed cycles for mixed drinks, batters, frozen treats, smoothies, hot soups, and whole juice.
  • 10 speeds.
  • Timer shows the remaining time of the selected blend cycle.
  • Pulse function.
  • Very good for grinding, mixing, chopping, pureeing, and dough making. The blade is strong enough to grind coffee beans and grains.
  • Plastic base.
  • Black molded finish.
  • 8-year warranty.

Package Includes

  • Motor base with the blade attached.
  • 3-quart WildSide blender jar.
  • 2 vented Gripper lids.
  • Manual to use the blender.
  • Blending 101 quick-start recipe guide.

Preprogrammed Blend Cycles

Blendtec 750 Programs

Earlier Blendtec models just had four preprogrammed settings. The Professional 750 is an improvement over this, as you will find six preprogrammed settings in this model. The automatic blending settings are for mixed drinks, batters, frozen treats, smoothies, hot soups, and whole juice. They are clearly indicated on the unit.

The preprogrammed blend cycles really take the guesswork out of blending. You know exactly which setting to use for each of your preparations, and you can even use the settings for salsas, dips & spreads, margaritas, dressings, cappuccinos, and more.

The pulse feature is great if you need more power to cut through ice, frozen fruits, nuts, and seeds. Use the 10 speeds and pulse to customize your blending.


Motor3.0 peak horsepower
Electrical Ratings13 amps, 120 volts
Program Settings6
Other Features10 speeds, pulse
ControlsIlluminated touch interface
Dimensions6.4" x 16.2" x 8.3"
Weight11 lbs
Capacity90 oz

Speed Settings

Professional 750 Settings

The Blendtec Professional 800 had a speed slider. There is no slider in the 750. Instead, there are two + and – signs that operate conveniently with the push of a finger. You have to push a bit harder, but that’s good as it won’t go off suddenly if pushed by accident.

Use a low speed for chopping your ingredients, preparing salsa, or to add texture to your soup once it is the right consistency. Use the low speed to get rid of air bubbles in your smoothies, which happens when they’re blended at high speed.

Blending has never been simpler thanks to the preprogrammed and speed settings. All you have to do is just push any cycle button. Your blender will then handle the rest, speeding up and slowing down automatically before eventually shutting down the motor. You will get the perfect blends each time you use the Professional 750.


There is no self-cleaning setting in this blender as you see in some other models. However, that’s not a major drawback. To its advantage, there are no switches or knobs on the Blendtec Professional 750, so nothing can get stuck on the surface. The vented Gripper lid is tight, so you don’t have to worry about spills.

Just use a simple detergent and water to clean the blades, base unit, and jar of your blender. Wipe it dry once it’s ready — simple and easy.


Blendtec includes a full 8-year warranty on the Pro 750 model. There is also a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee if the blender doesn’t meet your expectations.

Where to Buy the Blendtec Professional 750

Blendtec 750

Blendtec’s Professional 750 blender can be ordered directly through the company’s online store. If you order through that link, you’ll also receive a special promotional credit for free shipping — you’ll see it automatically applied to your shopping cart when you click the link, no promo code is needed.

Pros and Cons

What We Like:
  • Powerful 3 peak horsepower motor.
  • Blades are extremely effective.
  • 6 preprogrammed cycles for mixed drinks, batters, smoothies, whole juice, hot soups, and frozen treats.
  • Good for mixing, grinding, blending, pureeing, and dough making.
  • 10 speeds to choose from.
  • Pulse function does a good job crushing ice, frozen fruits, seeds, and nuts.
  • BPA-free WildSide+ jar with vented Gripper lid.
  • Easy-to-read markings on the container.
  • Works quietly.
  • Long 8-year warranty.
  • 30-days money back guarantee.
  • Blending 101 quick-start recipe guide included.
Things We Don’t Like:

Final Thoughts

The unique design of its container, six preprogrammed settings, ten speeds, pulse functions, versatility, durability, easy operations, and long warranty make the Blendtec Professional 750 blender a standout. If you’re in the market for a high-end blender in this price range, this is one that you should seriously consider.

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