Vitamix Blender Reviews

Vitamix Blender LogoCleveland, OH-based Vitamix Corporation has been making some of the world’s best blenders since the 1940’s. Well-known for their durable, top-shelf build quality and outstanding warranties, Vitamix is a company that still understands the importance of providing personalized, high-quality customer service.

While the Vitamix blender line has evolved over the years, one thing has stayed consistent — their unwavering dedication to quality. Today, the Vitamix lineup is made up of three divisions:

  • The Personal Series
  • The Legacy Series
  • The Ascent Series

Why We Love and Recommend Vitamix Blenders

We’ve been blending with Vitamix blenders for the past 10 years, and we’ve been nothing but impressed by their rugged durability, smooth, consistent blends, and the company’s excellent customer service and warranty program

Here are some of the top reasons why we highly recommend Vitamix blenders:

  • The company’s longstanding track record
  • Top-shelf build quality
  • BPA-free containers
  • High-quality components
  • Excellent blending performance
  • Easy cleanup
  • Outstanding warranty
  • 30-day in-home risk-free trial
  • Super easy, no interest payment plan
  • Friendly and accessible customer support

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Vitamix Blender Reviews

The Vitamix Ascent Series

The Ascent Series represents the future of Vitamix. Packed with useful features and the latest cutting-edge technology, these sleek, modern blenders are some of the best the company has ever made. At this time, the Ascent Series includes four models: The Vitamix Ascent A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500.

Vitamix guarantees all of the blenders in their Ascent series for an impressive 10 years, and as always, they cover all expenses in the event that repairs are ever needed for your machine (including all shipping costs).

Vitamix Ascent A2300

A2300The Vitamix A2300 is the first model in the company’s popular Ascent Series. The A2300 has a clean-looking control panel with a speed dial (1-10), a start/stop switch, and a pulse switch. This model doesn’t come with any pre-programmed blend settings, but it does have a digital timer and the new SELF-DETECT technology with built-in wireless connectivity.

Vitamix currently offers the Ascent A2300 blender in four colors: Black, red, slate, and white. It comes with the company’s amazing 10-year warranty which covers everything from parts and labor to round-trip shipping costs on any needed repairs.

This is an incredible high-end blender that blends as well as it looks. If you’re looking for a durable machine that will serve you faithfully for years to come, this is a model that should be on your shortlist. For more details on this model, be sure to check out our in-depth Vitamix Ascent A2300 review.

Vitamix Ascent A2500

A2500The Vitamix A2500 is the middle-of-the-pack model in the Ascent Series. Featuring a powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor, this gorgeous machine blends incredibly well and delivers a smooth, consistent texture. The low-profile container capacity is 64 ounces, and it’s made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester. We love these low-profile containers as they’re super easy to fit under kitchen cabinets — definitely a big improvement over the company’s previous container design.

The A2500 has 3 pre-programmed blending settings, a speed dial, and the pulse and start/stop switches. It also has a digital timer and incorporates Vitamix’s neat new SELF-DETECT technology which automatically recognizes the container size and makes needed adjustments. The A2500 is available in black, red, slate, and white.

Be sure to read our full-length Vitamix Ascent A2500 review to learn more about this blender.

Vitamix Ascent A3300

A3300Next up, is the Ascent A3300 model. This blender is a bit of a trade off when compared with the A2500, as it gains some nice touch controls but loses the pre-programmed blend settings. The A2500 and A3300 are both priced the same, so you’ll have to decide which features are more important to you if you’re on the fence about which model to buy (or just go for the gold with the top-of-the-line A3500!).

The A3300 control panel is cleanly laid out and features a speed dial plus touch controls for start/stop, pulse, and the digital timer. We really like the touch controls as they make the blender easier to clean up after use.

Color is another difference between the A2500 and A3300. The A3300 is only offered in two colors at this time: Pearl grey, and black diamond.

Be sure to read our complete Vitamix A3300 write-up for more info on this blender.

Vitamix Ascent A3500

A3500The top-of-the-line model in Vitamix’s Ascent Series is the impressive A3500. This model has it all — 5 program settings, touch controls, speed dial, programmable timer, and SELF-DETECT technology. The A3500 is available in two beautiful finishes: Brushed stainless metal, and graphite metal.

The 5 program settings really make this blender a breeze to operate, and there are settings for hot soups, smoothies, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. Once you get used to the convenience of using these automatic program settings, it’s hard to go back to doing things manually — you can just choose your desired setting and walk away.

If you’re serious about blending and want only the best for your kitchen, the A3500 will not disappoint.

For more information on this model, check out our full-length Vitamix Ascent A3500 write-up.

The Vitamix Legacy Series

The Legacy Series, also referred to as the Vitamix G-Series, consists of four models at this time: the Vitamix 5200, 7500, Professional Series 750, and 780. This series includes some of the classic Vitamix models that don’t have things like pre-programmed blending settings and electronic touch screens.

All of the Vitamix Legacy Series blenders come with a 7-year warranty, which will cover round-trip shipping costs, parts, and labor expenses on any needed repairs.

Vitamix 5200

5200Vitamix’s popular 5200 blender is a classic. This workhorse has been a valuable addition to thousands of kitchens over the years, and it’s simplicity and rugged durability is highly favored among those who appreciate minimalist design and high-quality.

The 5200’s control panel is pretty straightforward. It features a variable speed control dial, on/off switch, and high/low control. The container that is included with the Vitamix 5200 is the older tall style, so if you have low kitchen cabinets and want to fit your blender underneath of them for storage, it could be a tight squeeze.

Vitamix currently offers the 5200 in the following colors: Black, brushed stainless, platinum, red, and white.

Click here to read our complete Vitamix 5200 review for more details on this model.

Vitamix 7500

7500The Vitamix 7500 is an upgrade to the classic 5200 model, and it incorporates the new low-profile container and adds a pulse function.

The Vitamix 7500 comes in black, red, and white, and it’s powered by a more powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor. The 7500 easily blends whatever ingredients you throw at it, and the radial cooling fan and thermal protection system help to increase the overall longevity of the blender. While this model doesn’t have the fancy technology included with some of Vitamix’s other blenders, it’s a solid choice if you prefer a minimalist design that is ultra-reliable.

If you’re on the fence between buying the 5200 and the 7500, the 7500 has some nice additions that we think are worthwhile if you can afford the slightly higher price tag.

To get more info on this blender, click here to read our in-depth Vitamix 7500 write-up.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

750The Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender kicks things up a notch with 5 pre-programmed blending settings. With the 750, you have built-in programs for self-cleaning, frozen desserts, smoothies, purées, and hot soups.

The Professional Series 750 also adds some nice metal trim options. Available in brushed stainless metal, copper metal, and black, the 750 has a more modern appearance that looks great on kitchen countertops.

The 750 shares the 7500’s powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor, which happens to be Vitamix’s quietest motor. Also, the 6-foot power cord gives you plenty of options for convenient countertop placement.

Please check out our complete Vitamix Professional Series 750 review to learn more about this blender.

Vitamix 780

780The top-of-the-line model in the Legacy Series is the Vitamix 780 blender. Gone are the speed dial and paddle switches of the 5200, 7500, and 750 — the 780 has a smooth, easy to clean touch screen which we think is a really nice upgrade. The LED touch screen isn’t made out of cheap plastic — it’s constructed out of high-strength, hardened glass which resists scratches and cracks.

The 780 also comes with 5 pre-programmed settings which are super convenient, as well as Vitamix’s low-profile 64 ounce container. Again, these programmed blending cycles are so nice to have — just select which one you want to use, and the blender automatically takes care of everything else. You can continue doing food prep or cleanup, and when you return your ingredients will be perfectly blended.

As far as colors go, the 780 is only available in two colors at this time: Red, and black. For more information on this model, read our full Vitamix 780 blender review.

The Vitamix Personal Series

Vitamix’s Personal Series of blenders is also known as their S-Series, and it currently features three models: the Vitamix S30, S50, and S55. The Personal Series blenders are designed for individuals and small households, and they have a reduced blending capacity when compared with Vitamix’s other blenders. These models are all excellent when it comes to blending smaller quantities of ingredients.

Each Vitamix Personal Blender comes with two containers (20 oz. and 40 oz.), and they’re backed by a 5-year warranty which covers parts, labor, and all shipping costs in the event that a repair is needed.

Vitamix S30

S30The Vitamix S30 model is the first blender in the Personal Series. The S30 is available in black and candy apple red, and it is powered by a 1-peak horsepower motor. The S30 Personal Blender is a good choice for single individuals and small families, as it is designed to blend smaller quantities.

The S30 has a very user-friendly control panel which consists of nothing more than a rotating speed dial. In addition the variable speed control, the S30 provides pulse functionality which gives you a much wider range of texture possibilities.

Included with the S30 are two containers —a 20-ounce travel cup that features a convenient flip-top lid, and a 40-ounce container that is great for blending small batches of sauces, hot soup, frozen desserts, and green smoothies.

To learn more about this blender, be sure to check out our detailed Vitamix S30 review.

Vitamix S50

S50Vitamix’s S50 model is a step up from the S30, and it adds two pre-programmed settings for added convenience.

As with the S30, the S50 comes with two separate containers which are really nice to have if you’re constantly on the go. The 40-ounce container is great for blending small quantities of ingredients, and if you’re running out the door and want to bring a refreshing smoothie along, just grab the 20-ounce container with the built-in flip-top lid.

The S50 weighs in at 12 pounds 6 ounces, and the 1-peak horsepower motor does a great job of blending a wide variety of ingredients in the S50’s smaller-capacity container. The S50 also features a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system with automatic shut-off protection.

Read our full-length Vitamix S50 write-up for more details on this model.

Vitamix S55

S55At the top of the pack in Vitamix’s Personal Series is the S55 blender. The S55 adds 2 additional program settings for a total of 4, giving you more options and the walk away convenience of Vitamix’s automatic blending cycles. The pre-programmed settings take away all of the guesswork when it comes to blending, giving you guaranteed perfect results every time you turn it on.

For single people and smaller-sized families, the S55 is a great option that packs a lot of features into a smaller machine. Both of the containers, lids, seals, and the blade base are dishwasher-safe if placed in the top rack. Being able to throw everything in the dishwasher is really convenient, and it makes clean-up super quick and easy.

The S55 measures 8.3″ x 5.9″ x 14.6″ and weighs in at 12 pounds 6 ounces. It comes with a 4-foot power cord that’ll reach easily to the nearest power outlet in your kitchen. For more information on this popular model, check out our in-depth Vitamix S55 review.

Vitamix Blender Comparison Chart

Vitamix Ascent A2300
Vitamix Ascent A2300
11"x8"x17", 11.86 lbs, 64 oz containerSpeed dial, pulse, digital timer, SELF-DETECT technology2.2-peak hpBlack, red, slate, white10-year$$$$
Vitamix Ascent A2500
Vitamix Ascent A2500
11"x8"x17", 11.86 lbs, 64 oz containerSpeed dial, 3 program settings, pulse, digital timer, SELF-DETECT technology2.2-peak hpBlack, red, slate, white10-year$$$$$
Vitamix Ascent A3300
Vitamix Ascent A3300
11"x8"x17", 11.86 lbs, 64 oz containerSpeed dial, touch controls, pulse, programmable timer, SELF-DETECT technology2.2-peak hpBlack diamond, pearl grey10-year$$$$$
Vitamix Ascent A3500
Vitamix Ascent A3500
11"x8"x17", 14.92 lbs, 64 oz containerSpeed dial, 5 program settings, touch controls, pulse, programmable timer, SELF-DETECT technology2.2-peak hpBrushed stainless metal, graphite metal10-year$$$$$$
Vitamix 5200
Vitamix 5200
20.5"x8.75x7.25", 10.9 lbs, 64 oz containerVariable speed control, high/low settings2-peak hpBlack, brushed stainless, platinum, red, white7-year$$$$
Vitamix 7500
Vitamix 7500
17.5"x9.4"x7.7", 12.5 lbs, 64 oz containerVariable speed control, pulse2.2-peak hpBlack, red, white7-year$$$$$
Vitamix Professional Series 750
Vitamix Professional Series 750
17.5"x9.4"x7.7", 12.5 lbs, 64 oz containerVariable speed control, pulse, 5 program settings2.2-peak hpBrushed stainless metal, copper metal, black7-year$$$$$$
Vitamix 780
Vitamix 780
17.25"x8.8"x9", 12.5 lbs, 64 oz containerVariable speed control, pulse, 5 program settings, touch screen2.2-peak hpBlack, red7-year$$$$$$$
Vitamix S30
Vitamix S30 Personal Blender
8.34"x5.9"x15.66", 12.6 lbs, 20 oz and 40 oz containersVariable speed control, pulse1-peak hpBlack, candy apple red5-year$$$$
Vitamix S50
Vitamix S50 Personal Blender
8.34"x5.9"x15.66", 12.6 lbs, 20 oz and 40 oz containersVariable speed control, pulse, 2 program settings1-peak hpBlack, red5-year$$$$
Vitamix S55
Vitamix S55 Personal Blender
8.34"x5.9"x15.66", 12.6 lbs, 20 oz and 40 oz containersVariable speed control, pulse, 4 program settings1-peak hpBrushed stainless5-year$$$$